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Sterling Concrete Cutting prides itself on being a Veteran Owned and Operated Business! Please allow us to show you our core values and professionalism for all your concrete cutting needs.
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We are founded on the belief that the market depends on a reliable and professional company when in need of Core Drilling and Concrete Cutting. Let us work with you and your company on your next project.


15 Years of operational experience and management with a core philosophy that earning your trust is our goal. We look to build partnerships with contractors who pride themselves on being the best.


We know your cutting needs are not always planned or easy and need to be completed asap. Ensure that our team is professional, and our culture of safety importance is engrained in every aspect of our projects.


Core Drilling • Concrete Slab Sawing • Removal • Concrete Pour Back Services
Asphalt Sawing • Wall Sawing (including indoors) • Hand Sawing (including Ring Saw and Chainsaw)

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A professional concrete cutter brings a lot of knowledge and experience with them to the job. They understand concrete and how to keep it from cracking or falling apart after it is cut. Most professional cutters will also have the experience to know what they need to cut through reinforced concrete and how the materials inside the concrete will react to the saw and tools they use.

If the concrete is not cut properly, it can spall or crack, and if you leave a section of the existing concrete in place, you need to ensure that the cut be clean and the portion staying in place is not damaged in any way. A concrete cutter can help with this.

The proper tools for a concrete cutting cutter are different from the tools in most people’s toolbox.

Premium Diamond Blades
We use only premium, highest grade diamond blades.
Often, the concrete cutter will use a saw that has a diamond blade to cut through the concrete and any reinforcement inside the concrete. Some concrete will have steel rebar inside to help stabilize it.

If you try to cut through the concrete with the wrong blade and hit the steel, you could damage the saw or the concrete.

Concrete Saws
Concrete saws are very special saws that often use water to cool the blade during the cutting process. For flat surfaces, the saw may be on wheels so the technician can wheel it along as they make the cuts. The size of the saw and the blade vary, and, depending on the size of the job, the cutting tech will choose a saw that will work best for them.

Wall Saws
Cutting concrete walls is a little different process, and the wall saw will have rails mounted to the wall to stabilize and ensure a level cut, while the tech guides it along the wall. The saw still needs cooling, and, again, water is the most common way to do that. The water pulls the heat away from the blade and is not hazardous to the environment.

Trying to use these saws without proper training or experience can be dangerous. That’s why hiring a professional is best.

Most concrete cutting services offer emergency cutting even after hours. If you have a pipe break under the concrete or a wall that has collapsed and needs to be cut and removed, Sterling Concrete Cutting has the ability to work after-hours and weekends for your emergency needs. Make sure to tell them you have an emergency and the reason why they need to send a crew out after hours.

The cost of having a concrete cutting service come out and cut the wall or slab you need is not as expensive as you might think. If you consider the cost of the saw, a blade, and the training to use it, you could not do the job on your own and come in cheaper. And if you simply have a one-time job, it would not make sense to buy the tools and equipment you would need.

At Sterling Concrete Cutting, we have the equipment and the technicians with the proper training to come out and make the high-quality cuts you need on your concrete. We offer wall sawing, flat sawing, curb cutting, grinding, and core drilling services. Give us a call so we can discuss how we can help you with your concrete cutting needs.